All photos shown are designed to be printed as an 8” x 10”.  Photos are grouped by a letter, then numbered sequentially. “S” is for standard prints.   “C” indicates a custom layout. The frame or box around “C” prints is there to simulate the edges of the photo and will not appear on the print. “P” is a Panorama or composite photo. Prints are available in 6”x24” & 8”x32” As mentioned on each page, these images are low-resolution for the purposes of web display so the pages will load quickly. They are not recommended for print, however, they are fine for email or social media. Simply copy the image and paste it into your email or social media page.
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Photos on this page are for example only. Please click here to go to the photo directory. Click photo with left mouse button to see larger version.
Standard Print
The files ontained on this site are the property of Sloan Active Hose Company #1. They are displayed here for reference only. Each member may obtain a copy of any or all of these files from Department Administration and order prints from any lab they so choose. Solely ss an option, members may order unframed prints through the photographer, Jack Gold, at the prices shown below. Delivery time for prints is approx-imately two weeks or 10-15 business days. The Photos are numbered and are grouped by “S” for Standard Print “C” for Custom Print “P” for Panorama “S” Photos 8x10 Print - $5.00 “C” Photos 8x10 Print - $7.50 “P” Photos 6x24 Print - $10.00                    8x32 Print - $21.00 8x10 and Panoramic prints will be delivered in about 2 weeks. Prices are for unframed prints and include Sales Tax. To Order Prints: 1. Please legibly write down o The image number(s) o Desired quantity of each o Your name and contact phone # or email address,  2. Give your order with your payment (Cash or Check-Make payable to John Gold) to the Officer in charge. 3. I will order your prints the same day I receive your order. When your prints arrive, I will notify you via your contact information. I will deliver your photo(s) to your home or I can leave them at Village Hall where you can pick them up during normal business hours.
Ordering Prints
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